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King Air Brand Shines for Multi-Mission

My name is Danny Van Ieperen. I am the CAMO Manager for Zeusch Aviation.

Our fleet consists of three King Air C90’s and seven King Air B200’s.

Our main base is Lelystad, Netherlands but we operate all around the world with these aircraft.

We operate our King Air fleet with different mission profiles. Basically, at this moment we operate with four different profiles which are charters, medevacs, surveys and relay for television broadcasting.

With our medevac flights we operate all over Europe and even into Africa.

The King Air platform for us is the greatest platform there is. It can operate from short and unpaved runways, and we have enough maintenance centers available within Europe.

Reliability of our fleet of aircraft is very important to us because we need to have these aircraft operating all the time. We have been in the business for medevac flights since 2018, started with operations from England into Europe and from Spain into the northern part of Africa, and nowadays we operate these medevacs basically from our main base in Lelystad.

Within Zeusch Aviation, we always say that we see things from a higher perspective. For me personally, that means we do things that are for common good. We do the medevacs; we do transplant flights and we try to do them as responsible as possible.