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King Air 260 Blends Luxury and Capability

“I'm Nicholas Cheylat from France, and I am the pilot of this King Air.”

“We chose this King Air because there is more space, a better range of action and we can land on short runways and you can fly maybe 3 or 4 hours or more if you need. So, it's an efficient aircraft for us. “

“Our passengers love the cabin because, it's very comfortable, quiet, easy to use and well equipped. It's a very good aircraft because you have, lots of, modern avionics, which is the latest version of Pro Line Fusion.”

“You can perform IFR flight on by the weather conditions. you have, a lot of power to climb, and it's really a good airplane for pilots, too.”

“In this case, you can fly with, 6 or 7 passengers and perform, two hours of flight or three, and, it's easy to, to join the other side of Europe. It's all better, speeds, space, efficiency. The King Air is the best aircraft.”