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For nearly three quarters of a century, the Harvey family has been a household name in Snohomish County, Wash. The family began Snohomish Flying Service (SFS) in 1946, incorporating in 1950 and became the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) and flight training school of Harvey Field.

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One to 120: Investment Equals Expansion at Flight School

It started in 1999 with one man and one used aircraft. Danny Perna had a pre-owned CESSNA 152 piston, an Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) license and a flight instructor rating. That was all it took.

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Adventure and exploration in a 172 #WITHMYCESSNA

Last summer I met a buddy of mine in the northern part of Idaho and we spent the next week flying a CESSNA SKYHAWK piston (172) all over the Idaho mountains.

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Mountain Flying in Colorado #WithMyCessna

First of all, if there is anyone out there that is on the fence about taking the mountain flying course…stop thinking about it and just do it! It was one of the most thrilling, rewarding and exciting times I have had flying in a long time.

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Aeronautical or sectional maps are good friends to most pilots. Pilots use them to understand departure and arrival areas in order to establish safe flight plans.

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It’s Friday night in Kansas City, Kan. and officers are busy. This weekend, in particular, officers would be involved in seven different vehicle pursuits. Given the population of Kansas City and the nature of police pursuits, the encounters would normally be dangerous for all involved. That’s where the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) Aircraft Unit comes in.

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Choosing a Flight Training Program

The world of aviation is wide and offers opportunities for anyone interested in taking to the skies, regardless of their mission, path or destination. But often, the most intimidating part of taking flight is getting started.

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Finding time to fly

When Mike McVean touches down, he knows all eyes are on his Citation® Mustang®.

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Benefits of earning a multi-engine rating in a turboprop

Even as a child, Peter Tinsman had loved airplanes and wanted to learn to fly, but it wasn’t until he spooled down his responsibilities at work in Dubuque, Iowa, that Tinsman finally had time to devote to his lifelong dream.

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Transitioning from piston to jet in one step

Once single-engine piston pilots get comfortable in the cockpit, some long to go higher and faster with more room and more comfort.

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Earning a jet type rating with a busy schedule

Once a pilot decides to earn a jet type rating, the next challenge is often to fit training time into busy work and family schedules.

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Moving to multi-engine aircraft

There are several reasons single-engine pilots add multi-engine certifications to their licenses, and each reason generally lands in the “more” category: more speed, more room, more payload, more performance or more complexity.

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