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SkyCourier showcases unique versatility for Alaskan mission

I'm Robert Everts, from Fairbanks, Alaska. The name of my airline is Everts Air Cargo, and Everts Air Alaska. Multi use certificate where we operate large freighters and small passenger combi aircraft. We haul anywhere from, live animals to snow machines, UTVs and ATVs. If it'll fit in the door, we haul it.

We don't have but two roads and here we have the largest state in the US and there is no road. We bring all the resources that the villages need to survive, whether it's building, housing or schools or just day to day products for consumption.

The first SkyCourier that we are bringing up to Alaska, we're going to put immediately into a cargo, freight and mail service. And, our destinations right offer are going to be, 3,500 ft, unimproved runways, gravel runways.

We started looking at this aircraft back in 2017. We're attracted to it because of its similarities to the Caravan and high wing design and, fixed landing gear and more importantly, a very large cargo door, which is something that, is very much in line with what we do and haul up in Alaska.

Our goal now is to do more with less. And, the big thing there is to use one aircraft that captures what would have otherwise been, 2 or 3 missions with the Cessna Caravan. If you look closely at Alaska, Canada, Australia and Africa, we all, even though we're at, different ends of the planet, we operate the same equipment at the same kind of engines, same airframes.

So, you're going to see the SkyCourier in the same place as Cessna has the track record of producing airplane models that, stand the test of time.