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European Service Crew Chief Passionate About Beechcraft and Cessna Owners

"My name is Jorge Gutierrez and my position at Textron Aviation is Crew Chief at the service center in Paris.

I like working at the service center because I know that behind me, I have the whole manufacturer support, engineering team and parts which allow me to give the customer the best experience.

In the service center in Paris, we are based in the center of Europe at Le Bourget airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the world and somehow everyone came here once and if you have a problem there, we are always ready to help you.

In the past, well let’s say my whole career, I’ve been working with Beechcraft products so that’s such an amazing product. From the very early stages of a Bonanza to the latest development of the King Air 360, you can see the development of a company.

I think that the King Air is a good performer in the European market because she offers a good possibility to start from almost anywhere in Europe, land everywhere and going as fast as possible, with a large cabin and comfortable for the customer.

I enjoy working on Beechcraft and Cessnas because I think that they are two different aircraft but together they make a great composition for the customer. "