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When charter and fractional companies seek aircraft to purchase for their fleet, they face a challenge. The aircraft must be versatile enough to make a phenomenal first impression to every client, despite the customer’s specific preferences and mission. The aircraft must also stand the test of time and continually impress clients regardless of whether it’s their first flight or their 100th. It must have every detail in the cabin on point for ultimate comfort and productivity. For DALaviation in Switzerland, the solution came from investing in CITATION aircraft.

“The Citation jets are cost efficient and comfortable,” Nicolas Trefeil, DALaviation’s founder and managing director said. “They have very few mechanical hurdles meaning reliable operations. We are also able to receive swift deliveries of spare parts, if needed.”

Founded in 2016 by Trefeil himself who is also an experienced pilot, DALaviation is a family-owned and run private jet charter company which purchased both a Citation CJ1 jet and Citation CJ2+ jet from Textron Aviation. The company says the aircraft are well suited for European operations.

“Citation aircraft are reliable.”
– Nicolas Trefeil, DALaviation Founder & Managing Director


“The Citation design is universal and appreciated,” Trefeil said. “It carries a solid reputation for quality among customers, brokers and passengers. With Citation jets, it’s easy for us to fulfill the customers’ needs.”

Because of the satisfaction DALaviation says it has with the existing fleet, managers decided to continue to invest in the latest design from the Citation family of aircraft, the CESSNA Citation CJ4 Gen2 jet. With a fully re-designed interior providing exceptional finishing touches, added comforts and an unmatched stylistic design, it was the perfect solution for the Swiss company to expand, increasing its number of direct flight options to destinations like Tel Aviv, Istanbul or Marrakesh, and continually impress clients. As a whole, the CJ4 Gen2 jet was the perfect solution to ensure clients would walk up newly designed steps to a cabin inspired by customers and executed to perfection.

“As a company based in Geneva, we know customers appreciate quality and precision, like a Swiss watch. Especially now, our customers have a taste for higher-end exclusive experiences. This CJ4 Gen2 design has a touch of modernity and meets that desire,” Trefeil said.

As an aircraft charter company, DALaviation says adding range and occupancy maximums both add to their potential to reach clients. The goal in the purchase of the Citation CJ4 Gen2 jet is to not only provide customers with the latest in design, comfort and reliability but also showcase the investment the company is making to build the business and gather more diverse aviation solutions for customers.

“We are a small but solid company. We are investing to offer customers the best.”
- Nicolas Trefeil, DALaviation Founder & Managing Director

DALaviation said the ease of adding another Citation to its aircraft fleet makes a significant difference. The company’s pilots are qualified to fly the factory new aircraft and the company already has a positive relationship with Textron Aviation’s aftermarket support teams. DALaviation works to ensure the aircraft is maintained at a high level and said the aftermarket teams the company has encountered have provided exceptional support.


But the company would not invest in an aircraft if it didn’t meet the high standards DALaviation sets. The company says its primary concern has always been and will always be the clients’ safety. For that reason, the company says the aircraft and maintenance comply with all EASA regulations and have professional, experienced pilots who are consistently training. A strong fleet of aircraft to uphold those standards is imperative to a successful business model.


Delivery of the first CJ4 Gen2 aircraft into Europe is scheduled for the summer of 2021 and DALaviation said the process has been smooth, calling it an “efficient and fruitful collaboration” between Textron Aviation and Nicolas Trefeil.