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Why Beechcraft owners are owners for life

Most pilots will tell you they love to fly, but there’s one group of aviators who are quick to qualify that statement, because they don’t just love to fly—they love to fly their Beechcraft® aircraft.

No matter the model, the overall reason is generally the same. “I love the way my Bonanza® flies,” said Daryl Becker, chairman and CEO of Beck Oil Company.

“It’s just another cool thing I love about my Bonanza. It doesn’t seem to mind the tough stuff.”Daryl Becker, Beechcraft owner for life

Recognized for its unique blend of quality, capability and style, the Beechcraft Bonanza® is the highest-performing single-engine, complex-gear piston aircraft on the market. As a testament to its unique draw, thousands of loyal owners belong to clubs dedicated to the model, sharing tips and swapping stories about their iconic aircraft.

Becker, a self-proclaimed Bonanza pilot for life, flies a Bonanza G36—his fourth Beechcraft.

“It’s a rugged airplane,” Becker said, “When I began flying, I was landing on a 2,000-foot grass strip with no problems.”

Describing the sturdy landing gear, Becker said, “It’s just another cool thing I love about my Bonanza. It doesn’t seem to mind the tough stuff.”

Headquartered in Princeton, Illinois, Becker operates 17 stores across his home state and Iowa. His shops are hundreds of miles away from commercial airports, so having a reliable aircraft is critical when he and his team need to visit several locations in one day. The Bonanza gives him that dependability, along with incredible design engineering—two reasons Becker calls himself a loyal customer.

Daryl Becker's aircraft ownership timeline

Source: Daryl Becker, owner 2006 Bonanza T36

He’s especially impressed with the ease of handling, responsive controls and—of equal importance—cabin flexibility. The dual cargo doors in the back of the Bonanza open wide for easy loading of passengers and equipment. When he’s the only one flying, Becker often takes out the cabin seats to haul cargo.

While the record of the aircraft Becker has owned lists more Beechcraft Bonanza models than any other aircraft, he spent six years at the controls of another Beechcraft piston-engine powerhouse, this Beechcraft Baron®.

It’s not all business on board. These days, Becker flies equal amounts for business and pleasure. He and his wife like to take the Bonanza to northern Arkansas, often times to visit family.

“Over the years, we’ve flown in all types of weather and high winds, and my Beechcrafts are always reliable. Never an engine failure. Never been stranded at another location.”Daryl Becker, Beechcraft owner for life

Bonanza pilots credit exceptional safety and maintenance records like Becker’s to the original design teams and the high standards Textron Aviation sets for its worldwide company-owned and authorized service facilities.

“I’m 76 years old, and I will keep flying my Bonanza as long as my health is good enough,” said Becker.